(6 to 100+ learners.)

Quotes are only valid if all the client (that include your full contact detail, company name, contact person and address) + deliverable detail appears on the document.

We regret, no 3rd party quotes will be process. Quotes are valid for 3 months and confirmation/delivery dates will only be confirmed once 50% payment was received for new clients.


(1 to 6 learners.)

We regret no quotes issued to individuals due to contact price changes. Here some help:

  • Book for the course on this website here.
  • You will receive an automated invoice with all the course contend and pricing on. You can use this invoice as motivation.
  • Simply reply to the email and request to “cancel” the booking – no cancellation fees applies.

For help call:

  • Routing line: 086 7227 014  or 0312017565 New: 0735793042 (No WhatsApp Support, cell only.)
  • Mobile + WhatsApp: 0782557223
  • Email: accounts @tuct.co.za
  • Helpdesk: www.trainyoucansupport.co.za or click here.

Reason for this process:

  1. All information of both parties must appear on the quote.
  2. We regret, no individual quotes issues. Read the notice above for more help.
  3. Best price can only be issued once we have a clear understanding of the requirements.
  4. We regret, no 3rd party quotes issues. TRAINYOUCAN does not allow agents or pay commission to any parties.
  5. Any correspondence from TRAINYOUCAN will be on a valid accounts@ TUCT.co.za or accounts@ TRAINYOUCAN.co.za email address. Please report any suspicious activity.

The process below was implemented to safeguard the client and TRAINYOUCAN.

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