Train the Trainer training course

Why you need a Facilitator’s certificate:

Employers who may wish to hire you will ask:

Are you qualified as a Facilitator?  Are you qualified to train online?

Any “ NO”  sends your application lower down the ranking.

Train the Trainer training course

Q: Is there work for Facilitators?  

A: Yes, in all industries!
Options may include: A work related area / client service / health and safety / leadership/sales / management / finance / legal / hospitality/ life skills / HIV / Aids / gender based study areas / advocacy / ethics /personal growth / goal setting / spiritual / entrepreneurship / animals / volunteerism / wildlife / guiding / community gardening / food security / team building / make up / dressing professionally / food / cooking / a trade, etc.)

Train the Trainer training course

Who this course is for:

Are you interested in delivering or preparing to deliver any form of training or learning? Are you planning to go out there and help others to unleash their maximum potential? If yes, then this is a good place to start. This course will equip you with knowledge, skills and strategies that will enable you to deliver training or learning effectively.
This programme is suitable for those who are working in the lifelong learning sectors, further and higher education, communities, facilitators, teaching and training in the formal, informal, voluntary and charitable organisations. It is also suitable for those training in the personnel and commercial industries to equip their staff for effectiveness and efficiency. The course is therefore suitable for those in a position to train others for example teachers, trainers, lecturers, managers, mentors, motivational speakers and YOU. It is applicable in Further and Higher Education, Community Learning and Human Resource (HR) among other settings. It is great for beginners as well as experienced trainers who want to refresh skills. You are welcome to share your ideas to make this successful for all of us. You need basic and functional skills in English, Maths and ICT. You also need a specialist subject or vocation or a topic you are passionate about.

Train the Trainer training course

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