Train as a facilitator course

Why train as a facilitator?

As a facilitator, you will do important work. You will teach people. Your Zoom or live classes typically will be busy, relaxed, participative affairs where it looks as if everyone is having a good time while learning.
Instead of fear and stress, you and your participants will enjoy a growing confidence and energy.
Learners will say of you: “You hardly teach. You create easy ways for us to learn and remember!”

Train the Trainer course

is is a Train the Trainer. YOU will be GUIDED through the course to EQUIP you with the ESSENTIAL SKILLS that will enable you to tap from your POTENTIAL and make you an EFFECTIVE WORLD CLASS trainer.

This course is suitable for those in a position to train others for example teachers, trainers, lecturers, managers, mentors, motivational speakers and you.

It is applicable in Further and Higher Education, Community Learning and Human Resource (HR) among other settings.

Train the Trainer course

It is great for beginners as well as experienced trainers who want to refresh skills. you are welcome to share your ideas to make this successful for all of us.

You need basic and functional skills in English, Maths and ICT. You also need a specialist subject or vocation or a topic you are passionate about.

Train the Trainer course


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