SDF Registering with the SETA and capturing WSP/ATR

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All employers are required to appoint a (SDF) Skills Development Facilitator. This can either be someone internally or externally, as long as the person is qualified to perform the functions of an SDF. This person will be the link between the SETA and the organisation.

Many SDFs completed the course and still do not know how to register with the different SETAs. This should if been covered by the Training Provider in the course, but for those who missed it, here it is again.


  • Have a valid SDF certificate and SOR from the ETDP SETA?
  • Attend regular SETA meetings and have proof of this?
  • Provider you every year with the Scarce and Critical skills of your sector?
  • Update you on the latest Skills Legislation changes?
  • Notify you of Discretionary Grant opportunities in your sector?
  • Recover the full 20% Mandatory refund every year of the total Skills Levies paid?
  • Assist with Training Needs Analysis, Training Targets, WSP/ATR submissions?
  • Link in with Employment Equity and B-BEE scorecard targets?


  • assist the employer and employees to develop a Workplace Skills Plan which complies with the requirements of the Seta;
  • submit the Workplace Skills Plan to the relevant Seta;
  • advise the employer on the implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan;
  • assist the employer to draft an annual training report on the implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan which complies with the Seta’s requirements;
  • advise the employer on the quality assurance requirements set by the Seta;
  • act as a contact person between the employer and the sector Seta;
  • serve as a resource with regard to all aspects of skills development; and
  • keep the employer informed of SETA updates, news, important notices, application queries, grant payment information and levy contribution matters.
  • check correctness of SDL payments
  • inform SETA of any changes to organization name or SDL number


Each SETA has their own process for registering SDFs, e.g. filling in forms and sending these back to the relevant SETA, filling out online applications, etc.

  1. Visit the SETA and determine if they have a manual or online registration process. SDF registration process is normally much easier than Assessors and Moderator registrations.
  2. In most cases you will need to register every year between February and April with the relevant SETA. (Fairly simple process to get your login details to the database.)
  3. You WILL need an appointment letter from the Company on their letter head that states:
    1. Your Full names and ID number.
    2. Their Skills levy Number.
    3. Company Name.
    4. Date of appointment. (Need a letter every year.)
    5. Full contact details of the company including the designation of the person who signed the letter.
  4. The company details will appear immediately with your database login once all the paperwork was processed. Normally this process is either same day or withing 24 hours.


  1. Split the paperwork in 3 sets, namely:
    1. Administration pack: This normally include all the company detail, Skills Levy number, bank letter, contact details, B-BEE level, municipality per region, staff complement and scarce and critical skills identified.
    2. WSP Pack: (Workplace Skills Plan for the next year.) Here you will have all the training planned for the next year. Some SETAs dictate the period, eg: Feb20 to Jan20, March20 to Feb20….. Most important is to keep every year for the same period as the previous years reported.
    3. ATR Pack: (Annual Training Return.) Here you will have all the training the company completed for the past year.


  1. SETAs will require more information on the training completed for Medium and Large companies, for example attendance registers, invoices…..
  2. Training also include meetings, conference, internal courses and external courses completed.
  3. It is vital important that you meet the training targets captured the previous year as the WSP, or you might not get the full mandatory grant.
  4. DO NOT SKIP FIELDS when capturing the WSP/ATR, as your online document will be created based on the information you entered, for example: Number of employees and regions (municipalities) covered.
  5. Update all the information for both the Admin, WSP and ATR pack online.
  6. Double check all the information is correct and hit SUBMIT before the 29th of April.
  7. IMPORTANT: You are not finished yet! You will be asking to download a PDF document with all the information you captured. This MUST also be signed and uploaded in the same system before the last day of April 2020.
  8. Take a screen shot, or make sure you get the automated email from the SETA system to confirm that your submission was successful!


  1. Every single SDF/ Company in South Africa will try and capture their WSP/ATR in the last week of April. This causes major issues with server capacity (just like Black Friday). Our suggestion is either to capture your documents before the middle of April. For those late-sleepers we suggest early morning hours, especially in the last week of April.
  2. Most of the SETAs offer free workshops in February/March Nationally for this. Visit your SETAs website or contact their Skills Department for the latest update.

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