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QCTO Workshop 2018

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This is a survey, not a booking form.

TRAINYOUCAN does not offer registration/accreditation with the QCTO, nor do we sell learning programmes. These are all out-sourced to our network partners.
TRAINYOUCAN assist with the setup of the venue and communication. The facilitation will be done separately by an external speaker, so everyone is welcome.
This workshop is not funded, TRAINYOUCAN only facilitating the arrangements. Bear in mind that we need to cover venue hire + flight cost. Coffee/Tea and lunch will be provided.
Where would you like to attend this workshop. Bear in mind that bookings will be driven by demand.
What Town/City are you based?
What would you like us to include in this workshop. Bear in mind that this is not a general information session to the public, but is aimed at more specialized people.

Payment is only due on Invoice (before or on the first day of class that can even be made with the facilitator). Invoices will only be issued after registration/enrolment. We also offer payment plans for individuals and 30 day accounts for corporate bookings.