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NOTE: Our scheduled courses is subjected to change at short notice due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Our license to operate is guided by recommendations from the Department of Higher Education and the Department of Health in the act (download a copy here), that also affect the operation of the different SETAs. We are trying our best to accommodate all our clients with possible dates, but unfortunately safety and compliance is our first obligation. This however will only affect our contact sessions and not our supporting structures from our Helpdesk.

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When you find a  SnapScan or Zapper QR Code on your bill, scan it with SnapScan or Zapper and confirm the amount to be paid. Your payment card details are stored on your phone using secure encryption. Whether you’re paying for a meal in a restaurant, a bill at home or paying for a taxi, the experience is the same. Quick. Simple. Secure.

NOTE: Use any of these as reference number:

– Full name & surname, or
– your ID number, or
– your email address, or
– your invoice number.

Payments are direct, so no need to forward your proof of payment!

Alternatively, contact our HELPDESK here for more detail

Zapper Payment Code


SnapScan Payment Code

SnapScan Payment Code