PART 1: Moodle elearning structure and loading courses R950

PART 1: Moodle elearning structure and loading courses R950

Date(s) - 25/05/2020
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location: WEBINAR through ZOOM

Address: 220, 7th Ave

Town: Durban

Region: KwaZulu-Natal

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Learn how to create your own Moodle elearning website.


We have managed to create a learning package, available during the lock-down, to teach those  interested in the skills of setting up online learning courses. Our aim is to deliver basic Moodle elearning skills enabling the setup of a basic course.

Our developer and our team have been working with the famous MOODLE elearning package since 2009 and have extensive experience on the technical side of the hosting and managing of a Moodle site; inclusive of several other LMS packages such as hosting and WordPress elearning packages.

Owning your own elearning website is one of the best investments a company can make; with unlimited future returns, but unfortunately it also requires technical skills. Setting up a course is not that easy and can be very time consuming.

Not only do we offer the online learning package at a very reduced price,  we  also provide each learner with an online test site for 2 months.  Can anyone beat that?!!!


  • Enrollment is through Only 10  learners per class can be accommodated.  We will schedule more classes as the need arises.
  • Good English language skills.
  • Basic computer and internet skills – equal to an NQF 4 level. (We provide training on setting up your own elearning website, not computer training.)
  • All classes will be offered in English.


  • Your own Moodle elearning test website to practice on. (Login details will be emailed to you before commencement of the course).
  • The test site will be valid for 2 months, after which a R100 per month fee will be charged if you want to extend this period. However, you will be able to export any courses you created during the learning stage and import these with your own Moodle site.)
  • A Total of 100 Mb storage space will be allowed per user.
  • Support will be  provided during the 2 months period for any queries that falls within the learning content.
  • You will be able to export any content created during this learning period and able to import to your own Moodle site if required.


  • A stable internet connection and about 1 Gig of data bundles (Two for each month.)
  • A working Desktop or Laptop with average performance speed. (Not a mobile device!)
  • Preferably Google Chrome,  Firefox or  Internet Explorer must be installed.
  • At least 500 Mb of storage space available on your computer.
  • Mobile APP or Desktop application for ZOOM installed for online webinars. No camera required.
  • The following software installed that is operational:


  1. Enroll through for the course.
  2. Your invoice and confirmation detail will be emailed to you from our booking website.
  3. You will receive an email from us 1 hour before the webinar with help to connect to the streaming session.
  4. You will also receive a second email from the domain with your test learner moodle installation detail. Please ensure that you able to login to your site with the detail provided.
  5. You will also be registered on our elearning website where you will be graded after each webinar session. Your certificate will be created and released from the elearning site automatically on completion.


  • FIRST WEBINAR 2 HOURS – Moodle structure and how to load a course. (Compulsary for everyone.)
  • FIRST WEBINAR 2 HOURS – Moodle assessments, certificates and user access.
  2. SETTING UP A THEME (How to install)
  3. INSTALLING PLUGINS (How to install)
  4. CREATING A COURSE (Create, modify, images, links and basic HTML coding.)
  5. MOODLE PAGE RESOURCES (Labels, links, pages, files and folders.)

Learners will be ask to perform certain tasks within the first 4 weeks period and submit these on our elearning platform where one of our assessors will evaluate their submissions before any certificate will be issued.


We will grant you free limited access to our support team and developer during the first 2-month period of signing up on the following conditions:

The queries are related to course content.

It does not include customization of websites.

Support will include email and WhatsApp support.

We will also share a copy of the online webinar through dropbox with the users.

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