Coaching and Mentoring Johannesburg R2550

Coaching and Mentoring Johannesburg R2550

Date(s) - 29/07/2022 - 30/07/2022
12:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Location: STADIO Faculty of Education

Address: Waterfall Drive,

Town: Waterval City

Region: Midrand

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1. This course will enable you to?
2. Your preparation as a learner for the contact session.
3. Course detail
4. Course times.
5. Enrollment requirements.



We urge all learners to read through the course synopsis and pay special attention to the preparation details. This may include:
-Electronic devices such as Laptops, Tablets or any other device for internet research, if available. (WIFI will be provided during the course)
-Please read through your course synopsis to check for preparation, if any required.
-Certified copy of your ID book.
-Detailed Portfolio. (CV) (Your achievements and employment history)
-Large lever Arch file for your assignments.


  • This programme consist of the following key areas:
    -Coaching of Learners
    -Guide and counsel Learners
    Learning Units:
    Describe the role of the ETD practitioner
    Define coaching
    Define knowledge and skills
    Apply bill of rights in your organisation
    Describe essential coaching vocabulary
    Identify the benefits of coaching
    Describe the role of the coach
    Describe the responsibilities of a coach
    Define the five principles of coaching
    Establish a relationship between oneself and the
    learner by creating the right climate
    Evaluate and identify ways of improving the relation
    with learners
    Describe the blueprint of coaching
    Select a suitable coach
    Conduct an interview using relevant questions
    Apply the delegating process
    Evaluate a delegating process
    Develop listening skills
    Identify learners needs
    Understand why people learn
    Understand how people learn
    Understand how information are perceived
    Identify learners needs and problems
    Define education
    Define training
    Define development
    Describe the Education, training and development
    Delivering Learning programmes
    Apply the eight step training protocol
    Apply brainstorming techniques
    Apply on the job coaching techniques
    Apply feedback techniques
    Apply problem-solving techniques
    Develop a planning and feedback form for coaching
    Apply the assessment process
    Conduct team coaching
    Develop administration skills for coaching practices
    Apply facilitation skills during coaching
    Identify possible problems that can occur during
    coaching sessions
    Describe the importance of follow-up session after
    Identify the types of conflict that can occur during
    coaching sessions
    Identify the reasons for conflict
    Identify symptoms of conflict
    Identify way to prevent conflict
    Identify and describe apply the four levels of
    evaluating the transference of learning
    Apply the four levels of evaluation of learning
    Evaluate feedback given by a coach
    Identify areas that require more specialised
    Identify the relevant specialists
    Evaluate your own performance as coach


-Day 1 – 8h30 for 9h00 /15h00 – Lunch included
-Day 2 – 8h30 for 9h00/15h00 – Lunch included


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Classroom R2,550.00
Attendee 1

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