Assessor Course Durban Classroom R2450


30/08/2023 - 01/09/2023    
12:30 pm - 3:45 pm


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TRAINYOUCAN Venue, Avonmore Centre, 9th Ave, Morningside, Durban.
Shop 7 Avondale Spar, 9th ave, Avondale, Greyville,, Durban, South Africa, 4001, KwaZulu-Natal

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1. This course will enable you to?
2. Your preparation as a learner for the contact session.
3. Course detail
4. Course times.
5. Enrollment requirements.


HELP: Tel./WhatsApp +27 78 255 7223 or simply reply to this email.


You will receive an Statement of Results or SOR from the ETDP SETA (proof that you were registered on the NRLD database currently maintained by SAQA)  and a certificate from TRAINYOUCAN Accredited Training Network on successful completion of this course. You are not require to register with any other institution on completion and will enable you to work/freelance with Training Providers or later progress to register your own Accredited Training Provider through one of the SETAs or different Education Institutions. This certificate is also required by many institutions, such as the different SETAs, Education Departments, Microsoft, Department of Labour, facilitation of First Aid Courses and many others.


We urge all learners to read through the course synopsis and pay special attention to the preparation details. This may include:
-Electronic devices such as Laptops, Tablets or any other device for internet research, if available. (WIFI will be provided during the course)
-Please read through your course synopsis to check for preparation, if any required.
-Certified copy of your ID book.
-Detailed Portfolio. (CV) (Your achievements and employment history)
-Large lever Arch file for your assignments. (Unless you want to complete the electronic workbook, then no file is required.)


-Short name: Assessor Training
-Full description: 115753 Conduct outcomes-based assessment
-SETA Accredited: Yes, ETDP SETA NQF Accredited
-SETA: Education, Training, Development & Practices Sector Education & Training Authority (ETDP Seta)
-NQF: 5
-Credits: 15
-Duration: 3 days
-Re-Assessment fees: None
-Assignment extensions: Up to 12 months at no additional cost.
-Hidden fees: None
-Recognition: Based on the National Qualifications Framework that is Nationally Accepted in South Africa, Department of Labour and Microsoft Certified courses.
-Success rate of learner: Currently we have a very high success rate due to the “one-price-policy” that include additional support at no additional cost.
-POE Building: We don’t take any short-cuts such as POE building in the class and follow all the guidelines stipulated by SAQA and the SETA.


117871 Train the Trainer
-Monday 8h30 for 9h00 /15h00 – Lunch included
-Tuesday 8h30 for 9h00/15h00 – Lunch included
-Wednesday 8h30 for 9h00/12h00 – No Lunch

115753 Assessor Training
-Wednesday 12h00 for 12h30/15h30 – No Lunch, except for the learners who attend both courses in the same week.
-Thursday 8h30 for 9h00/15h00 – Lunch included
-Friday 8h30 for 9h00/15h00 – Lunch included


-The credit calculation is based on the assumption that learners are already competent in the learning area in which they will provide training. (Have scope or experience to train in a specific field.)
-Basic communication skills (English = reading and writing skills on a NQF level 4 (Metric Level))
-Able to attend the contact session and any of our workshops offered.
-Access to email and where possible to the internet for research.
-Learner preparation for the contact session (Classroom Training)


-Attending the full contact session. (Classroom Session)
-Copy of your certified ID copy.
-Detailed CV for registration purposes. (Indicating previous workplace experience)
-A4 Large lever arch file. (Unless you want to complete the electronic workbook, then no file is required.)
-Organisation or Provider policies where available or at least knowledge of the organisations assessment policy if any. These might include: *The assessment Policy of your organisation, The Moderation Policy of your organisation, The RPL Policy of your organisation, The re-assessment policy of your organisation, The appeals policy of your organisation. Where possible will TRAINYOUCAN provide template policies to learners who do not have access to these policies.
-Copy of your organisations Assessment Guides if any implemented.
-Visit your SETA’s website and determine if they have any policies or rules of contact for their assessors available. Where not possible will TRAINYOUCAN provide a copy of this.
-Visit any SETA of your choice and obtain a copy of the Assessors Registration template that you must complete on completion and submit to your SETA. This is very helpful if you have any questions or answers regarding the completion of this document. (Where possible will TRAINYOUCAN provide copies of this.
-Research the meaning and purpose of RPL.
-Research the meaning and purpose of OBE Education in South Africa.

b) OPTIONAL: (Would speed of your assignments

-Laptop, I-pad, electronic device: Please bring! We will provide FREE WIFI Spot.



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